4 Creative Suggestions for Online Store Name Ideas

When looking to start an online store, the name is one thing you’ll have to take the time to think up. Your online store name will determine whether customers remember your business or not. It will also define your business identity. This article gives you online store name ideas to take advantage of. This is not all you need to know about naming an online store, but it can point you in the right direction when the time comes to name your online store:

• Online store name ideas: Decide on the message of your online store

The process of coming up with a great online store name starts with deciding the kind of message you want that name to communicate to potential customers. After deciding on the idea, you want to communicate to your prospects, write out your message briefly. Continually contract the message until you get a one or two-word business name.

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• Online store name ideas: Your online store name should be easy to pronounce

When new business people start their marketing campaigns, they tend to have one or two cultures or geographic regions in the back of their minds. That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for a name that people from those geographic regions and cultures can easily pronounce. For example, if your online store targets English speaking demographic, it would be weird to use names like Kroenke, Ales Groupe, and Alcatel Lucent. While these might be real names of businesses and people, they will not resonate with English speaking people. They simply won’t be able to pronounce them, and that could impact your business growth.

• Online store name ideas: Always take a peek at competitors’ names

Naming your online store without considering the competition can be catastrophic in the long run. If you want to sell more, especially in this day and age, you need to look at the ‘names of your competitors. If your competitors are doing well with their business names, make a point to choose a name that almost resembles them. A typical example is the MP3 players called Xoom and Zune from Microsoft and Motorola respectively. The names look and sound the same. Motorola took advantages of Microsoft’s dominance and came up with a name similar to their product. Motorolla recorded a lot of Zune Mp3 player sales just because of adopting a name similar to that of Microsoft’s MP3 player. The aim is to make your name almost like a competitor that is doing well or find a name that is better than them. Also, make sure to differentiate the name from that of the competition so that customers don’t get confused. Competition is fierce, this is why you should check your business name availability.

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• Online store name ideas: name testing is a good idea before implementation

In the course of searching for a business name, it will reach a point where you'll have to shortlist the name to 5 or less. It's a good idea to run a test before choosing the ideal name. Make sure this list of names represents your target audience. For instance, if you intend to sell baseball caps to teens, ensure you subject the names to the teens to see how they'll react to them. Never overlook this factor assume that you know how the teens will react to your online store's names. Also, if your online store is dedicated to women apparel. Make a point to ask women in your target audience how they feel about the name.


You should know that a name is a critical part of your online store. So you should take the whole process of searching for a name seriously. Ideally, a good name should take into account the aim of your business and customer needs.

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